About us

Alterego Games is a game design studio, founded with one goal:  to devote itself to the making of games that really get you. In our view a good game is characterized by freedom of choice, while not lacking in direction. A good game has a strong ambience but leaves room for your own creativity. The choice of the gamer must be made central and be able to influence the course of the game. We want to challenge gamers and amaze them with well thought-out games. We are a starting venture filled to the brim with ideas. It is with enthusiasm that we work on our in-house projects, our babies.
We bring the same enthusiasm when it comes to working with companies or others that wish for a custom-made game. These assignments provide wonderful challenges in which we have the chance to combine the wishes and goals of our clients with our creativity and abilities. Contact us to learn more about the games and apps we could make for you.

Matthijs Kramer
Co-Founder Alterego Games
project manager
visual game designer

Matthijs is one of the founders of Alterego Games. With a passion for divergent narratives in games, Matthijs tries to emphasize player choice in the games he designs. His expertise in the field of psychology enables him to conceptualize games to affect people on a personal level. As visual designer and project manager at Alterego Games, Matthijs works to make each individual project into a product that coherently fits together.

Dominic de Graaf
Co-Founder Alterego Games
Senior Programmer
Game Designer

As one of the founders of Alterego Games Dominic has taken the role of Lead Programmer and Game Designer. His background in User Experience Design allows him to develop products where the programming is completely invisible to the customer. Programming should never interfere with the overall experience. His love for creating worlds has made him and expert in simulation and world building focussing on both the creative and the optimized.

Vincent da Silva
Co-founder Alterego games
3D artist & Senior Programmer

Vincent is one of the senior programmers at Alterego games. His experience as a freelancer turned him into the company’s code guru. His efficient approach to problem solving allows him to not only be flexible but also swift in his delivery. He also harbours a talent for 3D art. His broad interests in the field of game design allows him to pitch in to pretty much anything. Be it art, audio or programming.

Super Unity C# programmer / gamedeveloper

Looking for someone with:
Expansive experience with C# and the Unity3D engine.
Experience with setting up, but also finishing game projects.
Affinity with entertainment games.
Someone who knows how to set up neat code, but also knows when a creative solution is needed.

Experience with WebGL, MYSQL, Android/iOS Development is an appreciated extra.
Experience with Git is an appreciated extra.
Experience with Node.JS, MongoDB, Express.js or Mongoose JS is an appreciated extra.

Simon Kap
Junior 3D artist

Simon loves nothing more than to create things that make people happy, and especially things that make him happy. As a 3D artist he can make some of the finest things which will make everyone say “Wow”. He also uses his extraordinary skills in both animating and modeling to make some of the finest Woven creatures to ever exist, which makes him and the rest of the team very happy.

Xander Stuivenberg
Junior 3D artist

Xander works as a 3d artist and not only models but also textures, rigs and animates his own 3d props while diligently keeping to the style of the game and shaping them to his own style aswell. Xanders gains motivation from seeing his creatons shape the environment and give life to not only the world but also the characters.

Huub van de Hoef
Junior Gamedeveloper

Huub is a game programmer, who loves to design games and make them real. While programming, he focuses on solutions and he often criticizes his own ideas. He’s fascinated by the process of making a game and is very eager to learn from each project he works on . Getting better at programming and game design is what drives his motivation at Alterego Games. He’s always up for a new challenge and won’t give up that easily.

Internship Gamedeveloper or Visual Designer

For our visual designers we ask proficiency with  photoshop or illustrator, preferably both.
For our gamedevs we ask proficiency with Unity 3D and C#

If you are interested you can send us a link to a portfolio, resumé and a letter describing why you would want  an internship at Alterego Games.
Write to info@alteregogames.nl

Contact us now for more information!