Concept for the Mindr: Vluchtelingen App
In the Mindr: Vluchtelingen App (Mindr: Refugee app) only you decide which people are let into your country and which are not.

Mindr is a dutch app that relates to the current large-scale refugee crisis and is reminiscent of popular dating apps like Tinder.

The Mindr App takes place in a fictional world in which you decide who you let into your country, and whom is barred.  A game element is incorporated in the app. It would be wise to pay attention to more details than just the photographs of the people you are swiping left and right if you want your country to prosper…

‘Minder’ (derived from the dutch word for ‘less’) was once chanted by Dutch right wing supporters to display their disapproval for the acceptance of refugees into the Netherlands.

This app was one of the Alterego Games inhouse concepts.

Although Alterego Games focusses on creating entertainment products for our clients, Mindr was one of the concepts for an app that could help out in some way or the other.
Although there never was time or budget to develop the app, the idea was to raise awareness about the events unfolding in Europe.
When downloading and playing the free Mindr: Vluchtelingen App, the app experience would probably differ from what people would espect, and this was part of the design.



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