Mohawk Bird Run

Evolve and survive in the ultimate bird runner!
Meet Mohawk, a bird that hasn’t found his true colors yet. Help Mohawk by making the right choices and fly through multiple minigames. An amazing mix between action and a powerful coaching theory. Playing the game changes your Mohawk but also tells you something about yourself!
What will your Mohawk look like?


  • CHANGE your Mohawk’s color based on your playstyle.
  • PLAY with 7 color-bound powers that change the game.
  • SURVIVE 7 Minigames based on a motivation color-system as used in coaching
  • THRILLING gameplay that tells you something about your personality!
  • DISCOVER 7 environments to fly through including New York, Paris and Amsterdam.
  • SUPER cool soundtrack by DJ Kaige that dynamically changes when our Mohawk does.
  • WIN 12 cool skins to pimp your Mohawk.
  • INTERNATIONAL highscores.
  • POWER-UP Items to help Mohawk along.
  • FREE to play!

Play Mohawk and find your own personal color!
Behind the fun race shines a powerful motivational theory as is used by the company: My Motivation Insights. This game gives you the chance to discover these colors free of charge and perhaps even learn something about yourself. Curious about which color represents you the most? Download the game and find out!

Available for:

– Download for iOS
– Download for Android


Released for Android & iOS.


Download on iTunes here! or listen to the track on Spotify!


Survive the multiple levels of Mohawk Bird Run

Mohawk Forest
Mohawk Sea
Mohawk desert
Mohawk farm

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