The True Tales of Bloodstreet 13

The True Tales of Bloodstreet 13

A suspenseful detective adventure with a tinge of the paranormal, The True Tales of Bloodstreet 13 is a game where every action has real consequences. Each time you play you take on the role of one of the many suspects and make decisions that influence not only you, but also the characters you will play the next run. Set up how you think the scene played out and try to figure out what exactly took place on that fateful night!


– Play as 5 different characters, each with their own part in this story.
– A deep and multi-branching storyline.
– The player’s choices and actions will change the fate of the characters.
– Fully voiced acted characters.
– A captivating transforming soundtrack that changes according to context.
– Engage in an interactive environment full of clues and hints that can help you in solving this mystery.

The story

In The True Tales of Bloodstreet 13 you follow detective Deacon Darnell as he tries to solve the case of the horrific night on Bloodstreet 13. On that night a group of people got locked in a brothel with no means to escape. Uncover what happened and who or what was responsible for the horror that took place.




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