Mutineers of the Seven Seas

A thrilling game of lies and deceit.

Intrigo: Mutineers of the Seven Seas is the first intrigue game by Alterego Games in a line of Intrigo Games. In Mutineers of the Seven Seas players get the chance to gather and get into the role of one of the scumbag pirates of the ship: The Leaky Dutchman.

Are you loyal to the captain and sworn to keep him alive? Or are you part of the secret mutiny that plans to take over the ship?  Take the role of the cook and keep your mates alive or take the role of the assassin and sneak silently through the night.

Swashbuckling scenarios

Play in rounds in which you keep your eyes closed while other players sneak around the table to eliminate another player and your friend turns out to be your greatest enemy.

Who can you trust when there are mutineers on the ship? Everybody knows who the captain is but only the Ringleader of the mutiny knows who all the mutineers are.

Can the buccaneers, faithful to the captain, see how the mutineers are hinting at each other? Can the Mutineers reach their victims quiet enough and in time?

Play Mutineers of the Seven Seas

Mutineers of the Seven Seas is very thrilling to play and no game round is the same. The game can be instructed easily to other players and is developed for groups of 7 and larger. Ideal for a night of fun and laughs with friends, family, birthdays or other occasion.

At moment Mutineers of the seven seas is available in Dutch in a number of shops in the Netherlands, but we currently are trying to find ways to distribute the game internationally. There are also plans to make a multi-lingual version

Mutineers of the Seven Seas

Mutineers - 1
Mutineers - 2
Mutineers - 3

What role will you take?


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