Dragons & Damsels

Intrigo: the bloodthrilling game of lies and deceit.

The king is in dire need! His coffers are running empty and that damned daughter of his has yet to be married off to some rich nobleman. The time has come for a father and king to take a stand!
Let it be known, a great tournament will be held. The one to win the tournament will earn his daughters hand in marriage. Let the brawling begin and let’s get this thing over with….

In Dragons and Damsels everyone participates in the great tournament to determine the fate of the poor princess… Including the princess herself!
She won’t stand idly by while some brute kills another brute and wins her hand in marriage, no! She has donned her armor, taken up the sword herself and secretly is one of the competitors in the tournament.

In Dragons and Damsels everyone has a say in what will happen. No matter if you are a knight fighting for your love, the dragon of the land hell-bent on kidnapping the damsel, or the damsel herself trying to defend her honor.

Everyone has a secret identity and everyone has multiple goals he/she tries to achieve. Bluff that you are the dragon and no one will try to fight with you, or trick the people on the tribune that you are the damsel’s one true love so they will clap for you and crown you the victor of the battle. In this installment of Intrigo everything is possible and players are encouraged to devise their own way to win the game and the everlasting fame that goes with that.

Fast paced. Super hilarious and great for a night of stories, fun and excitement.

Dragons and Damsels is currently undergoing heavy (but successful) playtesting and the artwork is being conceptualized.
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Age: 12 and up.
Number of players: 6-12
Duration of a game: 15-25 minuten
Language: NL

Currently in development!

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