Scout out Loud

Intrigo: Scout out Loud (working title)

While Zombies raze our cities and plunder our resources, in the deep forest some hope remains. It comes in the form of friendship, loyalty, and a sturdy tree house.

It is the time for…. scouts!

In Intrigo: Scout out Loud a group of scouts will try to defend their tree house from imminent destruction by the zombies that roam the woods. But to do that, they will need to finish it first! But scouting for resources means meeting the zombies face to face, and who would want to risk doing that?
Everybody of course! Because a good scout always does what’s best for the team! Right?
A good scout would always share his resources, help friends in need and be honest! Right?
Even when he has been bitten… by a zombie… and his flesh is starting to turn slightly greenish… And you’d rather your scout friends not notice, because they could tie you to a tree if they didn’t trust you… Even then you would be honest… Right?

In scout out loud players will have to try balancing fighting of the zombies and building traps with finding resources. But some of the players can get infected and they will join the zombie team if the infection isn’t cured. But trying to find a cure entails telling your friends about your slightly rotting plight.

What would you do? Are you a good scout?

Scout out Loud is currently undergoing heavy testing but great parts of the artwork have already been finished. We expect a release somewhere near the end of 2016.

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