Rune Fusion

Match-3 game with a twist
Rune Fusion is a fun, free and quick to play mobile game in which you try to match three or more colorful stones in a row.
You have a limited number of moves and must achieve a specific score per level to be able to advance.
In contrast to other popular Match-3 Games, Runefusion gives you the option to swap stones to any location as you desire, which opens doors for wonderful and powerful combinations.

Packed with features
It is up to you to decide what combo’s you want to try and go for, but don’t overreach; your moves are limited and some of the levels pose quite the challenge.
The game features 20 levels, a high score system and the possibility to design and play your own level! How high will you raise the bar?

Interested to see how the game plays out?  Give it a try, for free!


In Development


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