Oculus Phobia

Virtual Reality Treatment
This Virtual Reality App for the Oculus Rift is designed to help people suffering from Arachnophobia (intense fear of spiders) combat their fears.
Participants enter a virtual office in which they are exposed to small spiders. Atleast, at first.
Just as in a therapeutic setting, participants are gradually exposed to bigger spiders, which are closer in proximity or move more energetic.

Based on modern therapy techniques
Alterego Games was co-founded by psychologist & game designer Matthijs Kramer who worked closely with the programmers on this VR project. The Oculus Phobia app was designed to strictly represent modern cognitive-behavioral therapies, with the intent to shorten the often costly therapy or even prevent the need for this therapy altogether.


Available for:

–¬†Download for iOS
– Download for Android


Released for Android & iOS.
In development for PC & Oculus Rift


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